Angelica Grijalva was born in 1998 in Tucson, Arizona and was raised in San Diego, California. Grijalva’s work explores themes such as self-expression, death, and love and relationships. She employs portaiture, reportage and surrealism to create work that allows varied interpretations of the indiviudals and themes present.

Grijalva’s work is also informed by family history and archiving or drawing inspiration from photos primarily taken by other women in her family. Her intention is to document those she photographs as individuals but also as a character. She is often drawn to subcultures and topics misrepresented and misinterpreted by society at large. 

Grijalva graduated from San Francisco State University in 2022 with a BA in Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts and a Minor in Studio Art.


(2023) Fedella Lizeth for SDVoyager Magazine
(2023) OjoAmor for SDVoyager Magazine
(2021) Fashion Story: California Noir for Contributor Magazine

Group Exhibitions

(2023) Vivir es Morir, FEMX Quarters, San Diego, CA
(2023) Fabulosa, Border X Brewing, San Diego, CA
(2023) 619 Gurlz Takeover, MiVida Logan, San Diego, CA
(2023) Divine Protection, Rope Collective, San Diego, CA
(2022) Clown’n Around: Volume 1, Mixed Grounds, San Diego, CA
(2021) Remedio Casero, Hill Street Country Club, Oceanside, CA
Visit the virtual gallery:
(2020) La Tierra Mia, Swish Projects, San Diego, CA
(2020) Love is Love: Virtual Exhibition, Martin Wong Gallery, San Francisco, CA
(2020) Latinx, De Donde Eres?, Martin Wong Gallery, San Francisco, CA


(2023) Multipass, Volume 1, curated by Eliana Morales. A curated zine meant to showcase unreleased work from a collection of women artists based in California and across the U.S.
(2021) Around the Way Girls, Volume 1,  curated by Francesca Sardina and Delana Delgado. A 32 page zine, cover to cover, featuring 35mm film photographs taken by women photographers practicing in and local to San Diego.
(2020) La Tierra Mia, curated by Bob Dominguez and designed by Richie Moon.
“La Tierra Mia: A Chicano Park Story catalogs a collection of memories through photos and notes from contributors who have shared a connection to the park over the past 50 years. Hopefully, through these shared artifacts, we can start to formulate a story of not only the past, but the maintenance of history for the future.”
Photographs are copyrighted Angelica Grijalva and may not be reproduced without permission.